Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil

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✅ [PREMIUM QUALITY BLACK SEED OIL]:  Organic Netra® Black Seed Oil is obtained from pure 100% USDA certified Organic Kalonji Seeds. Sourced from the species of Egypt, we ensure super high quality oil without any artificial ingredients such as paraben, sulfates or phthalates. Our Vegan Black seed oil is targeted to provide you silky and dense hair and smooth skin.

✅ [POWERFUL ENRICHING OIL]: The Organic Netra® Black Seed oil is a 100% natural black seed oil extracted through cold-pressed technology. Packed with super antioxidants and natural toning agents that help your hair and skin strong and beautiful. Our black seed oil helps maximize healthy cell activity and gets rid of all the toxic substances that help make the skin and hair look dull.

✅ [HEALTHIER DENSER HAIR]. This blackseed oil supplement also helps support thick, lustrous hair and glowing skin. Our black seed oil will help you to fight hair fall and even induce regrowth of hair. The natural nutrients help regrow the hair and make them soft. The nutrients also help nourish the hair follicles and prevent them from falling off.

✅ [GLOWING SKIN]: The Organic Netra® Black Seed oil helps improve overall skin wellness of the skin. The solution used in our kalonji oil when applied on the skin, helps to reduce acne and pimple growth. The Organic Netra® also helps soothe dry skin and skin irritation, leaving it soft and moisturized.

✅ [HOW TO USE?]: You can apply the Organic Netra® Black Seed oil directly on preferred areas. Gently apply a small amount of our black seed oil and massage in a circular motion until the oil gets thoroughly absorbed. For better results use two times daily (morning and night) for 3 to 4 times a week. In case of hair, use a small amount to gently and thoroughly massage your scalp, twice a day for better results.

What Our Customers Say?

I bought this castor oil for my husband who used other castor oil before. I bought this because it is organic & He like the thickness of the oil. He used to add coconut oil and vit E cap along with it. The castor oil use to treat the baldness and he is satisfied with Its use.

Anubha Kalia

I used Organic Netra Baby Kajal on my 18 month old baby and was happy with the result. My little one didn't have a problem when I applied it on her and even after a few hours it didn't smudge. Really Good Quality.

Shruthi Dilip

An awesome herbal product from Organic Netra. My mother has sensitive scalp... This product perfectly suits her. She love it. Totally organic and herbal...colour is beautiful bright. Recommend to buy it... Thank you Amazon 😊

Sushila Tudu

I use this Jojoba oil as a face serum and apply daily before sleeping. I have been using this product from long and this is the 2nd time I have ordered it. In the morning, my face is fresh and shiny. It moisturizes the skin very well. I love the product.


I used to use Argan oil regularly when i was in middle east. After returning to India, I never got a genuine product here. But i believe that my wait has come to an end. Wonderful product...

Kishan Bal
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