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About Us

Organic Netra is India's Finest Organic Ayurveda Beauty Brand offering natural non-chemical non-artificial beauty and self care products ranging from skincare essentials to hair care essentials and beauty products. Organic Netra focuses on bringing a change in people's lifestyle choices with respect to beauty products in today's world. We manufacture Skincare, Haircare, and Beauty products that speak the language of coexistence and sustainability.

100% Natural & Ayurvedic

Our products are free from Petrochemicals, Parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), and other harmful synthetic ingredients that can cause any kind of irritation or reaction on your skin surfaces or eyes.

Safe for all ages

Our products are made with such precision and details to safety factors, it can be used by any age category without worrying about any possible side effects as in chemical products.

Suitable for all Gender

Preserving your natural beauty and maintaining a beneficial skincare and haircare routine shouldn't be exclusive to one gender. Organic Netra's skincare, haircare, and beauty products are made for all without any gender specifications.


We promote cruelty-free beauty products with love and compassion towards other living beings. We never have and never will test on animals. Whether you are a vegan or believe in a love for animals, Organic Netra is the perfect choice for you.


Everyone deserves self-care as much as any other basic needs. In order to make sure our products are easily accessible to all those who wish to go for an organic lifestyle choice, we have kept the pricing for all our products rationale for all segments of customers.

For All Skin Types

Unlike non-organic skincare products, our products are made with natural products that do not cause any irritation or allergy on your skin types. Our product bases are made for all skin types such as normal, oily, dry or combination of different skin types.